Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tidbits from around the Internet

Time Magazine online has said that the Invention of the year is the iPhone. While I don't personally have an iPhone yet I want one! I have used Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm phones and they just don't stack up to the iPhone. I have yet to meet a person who owns and iPhone say they hate it.

Heros actress Hayden Panettiere recently was in Japan attempting in vain to save some dolphins  children should not click on this link (WARNING GRAPHIC). If you have a moment swing by her my-space page and well I learn something new every day as it looks like she can sing too!

Oh my gosh there is a new virus for OS X, NOT! There have been a plethora of articles on the Internet today all talking about security problems with OS X and a new virus. Nothing has changed and OS X 10.5 is still one of the most secure operating systems in the world not matter how much others might not like it. However nothing will save you on any OS if you download a program and double click it. So no there is no OS X virus but there is a trojan that can be found if visit porn sites. Even if that were to change remember as of today there are no Macintosh viruses and there is virtually no malware that is targeting Leopard and one new Trojan does not change this fact. So if it makes you sleep better to buy anti-virus software (there is a free option too) for our Mac then by all means do so. But its not required as in the Windows word. While we are at it here is short list of how to avoid a virus on your computer:
1) Don't go to porn sites!
2) Don't go to sites that offer pirate (stolen) software or music!
3) Turn on your computers FireWall software.
3) If you purchased anti-virus software don't be cheap pay for your updates. Outdated software is useless.

AppleInsider has written a very informative article not only covering the early origins of Apple Developer tools but all the new features of the Apple Developer tools for Leopard. Some have complained that Leopard does not have the most current Java 6, but really most corporations as still a version behind so it's really much ado about nothing.

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