Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trojan targets Windows Mobile

McAfee has unearthed a Windows Mobile PocketPC Trojan that disables security, installs via a memory card, can’t be uninstalled and makes itself your home page. Just another reason to buy an iPhone, IMHO.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Japan's Lost And Found Culture.

Anywhere else perhaps, a shiny cellphone fallen on the backseat of a taxi, a nondescript umbrella left leaning against a subway door, a wad of cash dropped on a sidewalk, would be lost forever .But here in Tokyo these items and thousands more would probably find their way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Lost and Found Center. ''I think many Japanese people feel the same way and hand over something they find. I think among Japanese there's still a sense of community since ancient times.''

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Why Not Just Walk Away from Your Home Mortgage

"Are you stressed out about mortgage payments?" asks the site rhetorically. "Is foreclosure right for you?" it queries, but doesn't wait for an answer. "You are not alone — over 2.9 million homes have foreclosed in the last three years," it says. The not-so-subtle message: Foreclosure need not be a shameful, life-ruining experience. In fact, the company will gladly hold your hand through the foreclosure process—for a fee, of course. Foreclosure, we're told, is a last resort, an option that no responsible homeowner would ever choose."

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make Sure You Know When Someone Hacks Your Email

If someone has cracked your email password, it may not be apparent to you. A snooper can easily read an email then mark it as unread again. So the best thing to do would be to set up an “electronic tripwire” so if someone breaks into your account, you’ll know about it.

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The Funniest Microsoft Video Yet

A humorous look at Windows Vista.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to OS X

50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X by Chris Pirillo. "Microsoft does some amazing things - very amazing things. My choice, however, for a primary desktop operating system is no longer Windows - it’s Mac OS X. Duh. It’s rather difficult to admit that officially, if only because… well, I think Microsoft does amazing things. They’ve also been quite supportive of my own efforts over the years, if only because they understand the value of one user." So
if you’re also looking to Switch, take a look at the full story.

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Google iPhone usage shocks search giant

Google on Wednesday said it has seen 50 times more search requests coming from Apple iPhones than any other mobile handset -- a revelation so astonishing that the company originally suspected it had made an error culling its own data.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Top 9 Unique Structures soon to be Built

9 strange and unique structures which have either been approved or are in the final stages of approval. some have already been partially constructed such as the Russia tower in Moscow.

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WoW may be coming to a mobiles device near you

Players said it would never happen, but Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce laid out a plan for what Blizzard is considering if they port of World of Warcraft to mobile devices.

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