Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Vista Death Watch

So what can Microsoft do to improve things with Vista? Here are three suggestions:Microsoft has extended the life of Windows XP because Vista has simply not shown any life in the market. We have to begin to ask ourselves if we are really looking at Windows Me/2007, destined to be a disdained flop. By all estimates the number of Vista installations hovers around the number of Macs in use.1. It can give up on the stupid variations and lower the price on the one good Vista, Vista Ultimate. I’d say $99 would be a price everyone can live with.2. Microsoft can scuttle the entire product. Why not? Work on a whole new OS starting today with one team and work on SP3 for XP with another team to keep users on Windows.3. Roll out Vista 2.0. Figure out some way to add some nifty features, perhaps stolen from the next version of the Mac OS. Bring in some outside designers if you have to. Oh, and lower the price on this one, too.

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1 comment:

gabe still said...

vista is just technically far too much of a hassle for everyday joe shclob. its price is definately not worth the strangely shaped package it comes in. and the only reason anyone in new zealand really has it is because a) they are rich idiots who want to show people they are better than them because they have the latest version of win os or b) people who were forced the programme with their newly purchased pcs or laptops.