Monday, November 19, 2007

The Tao of Dilbert

Most IT people and they will agree that many times Dilbert reflects their life at the office. How many times have you read the comic and said to yourself oh that sounds like so and so at my office?

 Amazon started selling Kindle an electronic book, newspaper, and blog reading portable device for $399.00. Now at $400 bucks would you buy it? I mean that's the same as buying another iPhone if you have one. Do you really hate carrying around a paper book so much that you would spend $400 bucks???

PC Magazine recently pointed out the Microsoft's Zune can't win when compared to the iPod. I agree and I think they should spend their efforts on oh lets say fixing all the problems with Vista. Really I think the big problem with Microsoft (other then stealing ideas, squishing competition) is that they lack focus. If they put all their effort into a few core area's then they might actually produce some great products.

The tinfoil hat groupies were busy this week tossing out conspiracy theories about how Apple is tracking you via the iPhone and in the end their claims have been found to be bogus

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