Tuesday, November 13, 2007

iPhone selling like hot cakes in Europe

Well The iPhone is selling well in Europe and despite the inclement weather in the UK many waited in long lines just like in the USA while some stores reported almost no lines. There are reports that O2 sold iPhones at the fast and furious rate of 4.2 per second across all authorized outlets for around 70,000 units and O2 said that the iPhone has been the fastest selling device they have ever sold.

StarWars HelpDesk

There are reports that Apple is working on a new ultra-light notebook. The notebook will ship with Leopard and may even have a NAND Flash drive. However the rumor mills can't seem to find out if the 12" or 13" or if it will have a internal optical drive or an external one.

If you have a Mac Pro tower with PCI-E a slot and you want the best performance from your computer. Then check out the Expansion Slot Utility located in /System/Library/ Core Services. Once you have your optimum settings selected you will need to save them and reboot.

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