Friday, November 16, 2007

Apple Store Black Friday Sale

Well it's that time of year where there may be deals to be had on computers so if your computer is feeling a bit slow then swing by Apples online store on November the 23rd and see what they have on sale it might save you a few dollars on your next computer purchase. While you may be a PC person now I strongly suggest you take a few moments and see what Apple has to offer (really its the best of both worlds). If you need additional help Walt Mossberg has a great FAQ.

This week Apple has released a number of patches and updates some of the most notable are the Tiger 10.4.11 and Leopard 10.5.1 and Safari for Windows updates. In both causes I recommend you NOT use software update and go directly to the Apple web site and download the combo updaters. Don't be thrown for a loop only the Tiger update is listed as a combo updater however if you look at the leopard update you will notice that it's much larger then the one offered via software update so it's a combo update. 

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