Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beijing 2010: Geely shows off fleet of alternative power vehicles

PRESS RELEASE: 'Eclosion' of Geely Alternative Energy Vehicles On Auto China 2010

BEIJING, April 23 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- As a Chinese fairytale of "Eclosion to Butterfly" indicates, Geely alternative fuel vehicles have, through painstaking effort, come all the way to have their premiere on Beijing Auto Show this time. For years, Geely has been committed to R&D of alternative power systems for vehicles, and its 5 alternative fuel vehicles for mass production will be marketed in 2 years.

With eye-catching showcase in 2009 Shanghai Auto Show as a concept car only, Geely Intelligence (IG) this time is identified as a pioneering in-research model of Geely's alternative vehicles. It is face lifted from former single door and 3+1 seat layout to double seagull-wing doors and 2+2 seat layout now, while remains its hybrid power and cost design.

Geely brings two electric vehicles this time -- EK-1 and EK-2.EK-1 is lead-acid battery powered reaching 80km/h top speed and 80km range, and EK-2 is lithium iron phosphate battery powered with max. speed of 150km and range of 180km and can recharge 80% of battery capacity in 18mins.

In development of alternative power system, instead of restricting in one specific R&D direction, Geely diversified its development rating on different subjects during various time spans. According to related officer from Geely, currently, when various many factors are involved, in practical fleet, alternative fuel power is still but an option for the whole global auto industry, at least not such unified as the internal-combustion engine powered by petroleum. Considering this, on alternative fuel power solutions, Geely set its development mode of multiple propulsions ready to answer calls from both market needs and tomorrow challenges. Apart from battery electric vehicles, Geely showcase 1 vehicle model with GSC (Geely Intelligent Stop-Go System) and 2 models of GPEC (Geely Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle) .

For plug-in hybrid electric power, a relatively mature alternative energy power technology, Geely has finished its application design in serial and parallel forms and ready for mass production. Geely's EC7 is applied with GPECs(Geely Serial Plug-in Electric) with iron phosphate battery + 1.0 L engine, 60 km range when solely by battery, launch recently; EC8 is applied GPEC (Geely Plug-in Electric Hybrid Vehicle, parallel), good at fuel economy and dynamic performance, fitted with 2.4L engine to challenge international premium alternative energy vehicle.

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