Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beautiful Eco Friendly Homes for Sale in the UK


The Mission at EcoHab is to create an exciting and innovative range of high performing, energy efficient, Eco Friendly Homes, which offer the chance to achieve sustainable living at affordable prices.

Every step has been taken during the design and construction of our EcoPods to minimise the demand for and dependency on fossil fuels, and to incorporate energy saving

• High level of thermal insulation giving an excellent overall U value
• Sealed Envelope (no air leakage)
• Hot air recovery ventilation
• Wood/ solid fuel burning stove (for use on colder days)
• Under floor heating
• Full recycling facility (5 separate waste chutes

On Grid - It can be connected as normal to mains electricity, water mains and local sewage piped network.

Off Grid - It uses its own renewable energy source technology such as solar hot water heaters, rainwater harvesting, Dry Toilet, Wind power, gas powered generator & battery power store (if needed) and many other green home products. Therefore allowing, the Eco-Hab to be used in remote sites without traditional power sources.

Other extras can include:

• Solar and/or PV panels
• Wind Turbine
• Seasonal Thermal storage tank
• Rainwater harvesting
• Composting toilet

The Eco-Hab, often refered to as Eco-Pod, which has just been showcased at the Grand design show is the brainchild of Aidan Quinn the Managing Director of Eco Hab Ltd. The innovative egg shaped, eco-home is set to revolutionise the concept of carbon zero housing.

The Eco-Hab doesn't have to be used as your main residance there are many other uses for these eco-friendly homes,
• Outdoor office
• Place to stay for guests & visiting family
• Used at campsites as luxcury accomodation
• Within schools as educational centers
• Within corporations as quiet or games rooms

For more details about the models of Eco-Habs available, please click here.

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