Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help Your PC Friends Through The Conficker Virus/Worm Tomorrow

"Millions of PCs the world over are infected with Conficker. Yes, your Mac is safe. No, that guy who continues give you such insights as "Macs suck" since 1994 is not safe. So let's do our best not to snicker."

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Anonymous said...

Conficker Computer Worm A Bust So Far
Little Impact Seen From Latest Computer Attack Timed For April 1.

Anonymous said...

Conficker Worm: Not Finished Yet!

"The hardest hit areas may also have a correlation to the number of unpatched Windows computers since Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America are areas known to have widespread use of pirated Windows software."


Anonymous said...

'Conficker' computer worm finally stirs

Anonymous said...

It would seem that this Virus is from Ukraine because the Conficker.A version contained a suicide switch that was triggered whenever the worm discovered that a Ukrainian keyboard was in use.