Thursday, January 22, 2009

Microsoft Revenues Take a Big Hit; 5,000 to be laid off

Kara Swisher reports that Microsoft, moving up its second-quarter earnings release from this afternoon to right now, said its financial performance took a major hit, with revenue up only two percent, to $16.63 billion, about $900 million below earlier guidance.

Net income was even worse for Microsoft (MSFT), off 11 percent to $4.17 billion, or 47 cents a share, from year-earlier earnings of $4.71 billion, or 50 cents a share.

Microsoft whiffed badly on Wall Street’s expectations of earnings of 49 cents a share on sales of $17.08 billion.

In addition, the software giant said that it would cut 5,000 jobs across many divisions over the next 18 months, starting with 1,400 today, pegging operating cost savings at $1.5 billion annually.

It will also make other cuts, including trimming salaries, travel, marketing and even office expansion costs, all over the company.

Perhaps most ominously, Microsoft said it would not give profit and revenue guidance for the rest of the year, because of the economy’s turmoil. Apparently, even the smartest of techies have little insight to this very foggy financial situation.

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