Friday, January 2, 2009

Rumor: Apple's iMovie to receive significant (Cloud) update at Macworld

via Seth Weintraub's Blog at Computer world.

I've heard from reliable sources that Apple will offer a significant update to iMovie at next week's Macworld. It will largely focus on Internet video in the Cloud for the YouTube generation.

I've heard that iMovie will largely (if not entirely) be a Web Application and Apple would offer its users the ability to "upload your movies to us and edit them there."

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MacGecko said...

What a awful rumor indeed! If any of you have had the misfortune to use .Mac and later MobileMe then you know it's not ready for home use let alone Business use. Yes, I love those phone calls from the VP of the company asking why they can't get email or their contracts have disappeared. Don't get me wrong MobileMe looks pretty but is lacking in features and suffers from frequent unannounced downtimes.

Safari is a nice we browser but I would not want to do any type of image editing in it as Im sure it would blow out. The current iMovie is sad when you compare it to feature rich iMovie HD. Really I use both and it take me much longer to do things in the current iMovie and it's not because I don't understand how to use both programs.