Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Apple bits

All is well and good for Apple computer (yes I know they dropped the computer from their name but I still like the sound of "Apple computer" better then just Apple) as of today they have sold over two million copies of Mac OS X Leopard!  

So far there have been very few problems reported in the news about Leopard bugs. So if you are a user of APE you are sure of have some problems. I recommend that you uninstall the software before you install Leopard.

Recently there have been a number of articles written about how well Mac's do when compared-with PC's in the area of total cost of ownership (TCO). While the numbers are small Apple is growing in the corporate and small business worlds as a viable work tool. Have you noticed that Apples have less support calls then PC's so have many an open mined IT manager. But of course there are always those Apple haters in the world and to them I say hey if you enjoy working on your broken computer great I have real work to do.

Last but not least how many times must I be told that this or that user can't use a Mac because they don't have a second button? Check out an Apple Mighty mouse and if that's no to your liking well there are other options such as the Microsoft Intellimouse. Chris Pirillo as written a interesting article about this mouse myth

Apple will shortly be selling the iPhone in the Europe but how many will want them without 3G? I for one will be very interested in seeing what the sales numbers are for Europe are because there are rumors that Apple will be selling a 3G iPhone in the not too distant future. The heavy text users in the UK should keep an eye out for so called premium text services as they are not covered under the iPhone plan. One father had a rude surprise, when he received this daughters $10,000.00 phone bill? Some in Europe will are predicting that the iPhone will cause a crime wave but IMHO no more then any iPod has.

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