Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Leopard rocks and Vista is a sleeper for older PC's

Don't get me wrong Vista is much better then Windows ME but is it better then Windows XP? Well much of that may come down to your preferences and if you own a new computer or not. The major problems with Vista is that in addition of the sucking sound of your CPU used by all the extra DRM that unless you do a lot of work making sure you have the correct drivers Vista is not a simple upgrade.

What is the average use to do thinking of upgrading to do? Well if you are going to by a new computer you might as well consider the Apple Macintosh running Leopard and of course the OS will work with most of the current Mac's as well. Leopard will offer 0ver 300+ new features that are sure to dazzle most users but not all. In my mind there are a few features that really jump out like much improved security, parental controls, automatic backup, and Unix! Yes, Unix and that is a major reason why OS X is so stable. Lets not forget that every Macintosh comes bundled with iLife 08 which I would say is a must have and there is no bundle software on the Windows side that you can even compare to iLife.

Another option for users of older computers who can't afford a new PC running OS X or Vista is Linux. There are many flavors of Linux and each has its plus and minus but if you have no preference then a very popular choice is Ubuntu. I was able to take and install Ubuntu on an antiquated dell laptop with no problems. The Ubuntu software recognized all the systems hardware and made the system feel almost new.

However these days do you even really need a full computer? If you are not a heavy Internet user consider the iPhone or iPod Touch. So far the iPhones have had very strong sales and I have yet to meet an iPhone owner who is sorry they bought it. Both devices ship all the software you should need to be productive and soon Apple will add third party software.

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