Saturday, November 6, 2010

Microsoft Kinect in the news

Microsoft Kinect review

Microsoft Kinect makes your Xbox 360 into something else entirely. No longer is it the clumpy, whirring console exclusively for gamers willing to put up with endless red rings of death. Instead, it becomes the essential console for family gaming, making everything the Wii offers look, well, four years old. And it’s a software update’s throw from making the Xbox 360 the essential set top box, full stop.

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Microsoft Uses Kinect to Combat Nintendo Wii, Lure Gamer Moms

Microsoft Corp. today starts selling Kinect, a device that lets consumers play video games with their bodies, to help it lure casual gamers and add years to the life of its Xbox 360 gaming console.

Kinect, shaped like a flat, black box, tracks a player’s movement and voice and costs $149.99 by itself or starting at $299.99 when purchased with an Xbox 360 console. Microsoft yesterday boosted its forecast for Kinect sales this year to 5 million units from 3 million after the device sold out in pre- sales at retailers such as Inc. and Best Buy Co.

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Microsoft Launches Kinect in the Battle With Google, Apple for the Living Room

Having faced multiple hardware debacles ranging from Zune to Kin, Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is out to prove naysayers false with Xbox add-on Kinect, a motion sensor and voice recognition technology-based device that allows users to control games and movies with gestures and voice.

The controller-free gaming device Kinect will be available at stores from Thursday at $149.99 with a pack-in game "Kinect Adventures," and if purchased with a 4GB Xbox console, will cost $299.99.

Kinect uses four microphones and a depth camera, color motion camera and a distance sensor to track a user's presence in the room.

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