Friday, November 5, 2010

Hybrid efficiency, gasoline power

Hybrid efficiency, gasoline power

"NEW YORK ( -- Mazda recently unveiled a prototype Mazda2 subcompact that uses an all-new gasoline engine (SKYACTIV-G engine) designed to get an estimated 70 mpg in Japanese fuel economy tests .That's about the same fuel economy as a hybrid car but this car's not a hybrid.

Because hybrid technology, with its big batteries and electric motors, is expensive, selling hybrids in large numbers can be a tough proposition. If cost limits the number of hybrids on the road, it also limits the impact on overall fuel use.

So Mazda wanted to figure out just how fuel efficient its gasoline engines could possibly be.

More efficient gas engines cost less to make and sell than hybrids or plug-ins. If they're priced correctly and deliver the power and performance American drivers demand they could not only significantly cut gasoline consumption, they could be big money makers too.

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