Saturday, April 18, 2009

iBotnet: Researchers find signs of zombie Macs

"Malware hunters at Symantec have discovered a direct link between a malicious file embedded in pirated copies of Apple’s iWork 09 software and what appears to be the first Mac OS X botnet launching denial-of-service attacks.

Writing in the current issue of Virus Bulletin (subscription required), researchers Mario Ballano Barcena and Alfredo Pesoli found two malware variants — OSX.Iservice and OSX.Iservice.B — using different techniques to obtain the user’s password and take control of the infected Mac machine."

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World's First Mac Botnet? Not Quite.
"This morning, as I scrolled down the list of security Web sites I normally check via my RSS reader, I noticed several items referencing news about the "world's first Mac botnet." As I read on, it became clear this was neither news nor a first."

However you can't get this Trojan horse virus unless you are attempting to steal Apple software uploaded to ButTorrent. Notice the user has to search out and download this software unlike many a windows virus. ClamXav is a free virus checker for Mac OS X.

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Anonymous said...

"Bugs in the worm's code, however, mean it is unlikely that you will ever encounter it, even if the author had taken the time to correct the many spelling mistakes in the emails it tries to send. So don't lose too much sleep."