Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unlocked iPhones a problem for Apple?

How many times in the past few days have you heard that unlocked iPhones are a problem for Apple it's all doom and it's the end of the world? Well time for a reality check folks here are the facts:
  1. Apple is not selling iPhones at a discount so they are making a profit on the iPhone (no matter how small).
  2. Don't underestimate the halo effect! Once you have an iPhone or any other Apple product your more likely to buy another Apple product.
  3. Apple could never guarantee that all iPhone purchases would not unlock their phone. Get over the revenue sharing it's a nice extra but it can never be a guarantee in the real world.
  4. Happy users most iPhone owners LOVE their iPhone! Not many other phones can boast about their happy users.
  5. Where are all those missing iPhones many are without a doubt in Hong Kong while other have met other fates.

Good news from the other side of the pond as well as O2 is said to be increasing their users iPhone data plans. Now if only AT&T would do the same in the USA!

There have been a number of rumors that soon you may be able to order your cup of joe (coffee) from Starbucks directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even checkout some of the QuickOrder artwork.

Check out a Russian woman attempting to use and iPhone.

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