Sunday, January 27, 2008

OS X Russian support

If you were running Tiger 10.4 and you speak running you probably found your way to Apple's site in Russia and downloaded the Russian fonts and localized applications. The problem with this method of adding Russian support to your OS was that you could not use software update in the future. However I am happy to say that in Leopard 10.5 Russian is fully supported. Apple is also working slowly to increase it's presence in Russia as reported in the Moscow Times. But it's still a labor of love to buy a Macintosh in Russia let alone find a store that sells this wonderful computer. I look forward to the day when Apple will open corporate stores in major malls and shopping areas just like they do in Europe and the USA. I also wish Apple would pay more attention those who don't speak English I want to be able to go to the Apple online store and buy a keyboard in Russian (or any other language) without having to actually go to that country! I still remember spending a day trying to find an store that sold Apple computers and buying a keyboard.


igorskee said...

Hey, I found this post through Google... Did Leopard fix the iTunes displaying russian song titles as garbage for you? It bugs me so much!!!


MacGecko said...

I did not really have any problems in 10.4 as I went in and corrected song names in the Apple Russian fonts. So far in 10.5 all my Russian songs still look great. Best of all they look good on my iPhone as well (I bet the iPod touch too).