Monday, October 3, 2011

TEST DRIVE: First Ride In The 2012 Tesla Model S

"On Saturday, exactly one year after it took ownership of the former Toyota NUMMI facility in Fremont, California, Tesla Motors held a series of test-drives aimed to show off the latest Model S Betas to the press and Model S reservation holders.
We’ve already told you about some of the surprises CEO Elon Musk had in store for the assembled group, but now it’s time to share details of the short chauffeured ride around a small section of NUMMI test track in the 2012 Model S.
First impressions
Pulling up for our ride, the Model S beta was extremely quiet with no discernible whine from either the electric motor or its power electronics. As two Tesla employees reached towards front and rear door handles — which electronically retract into the car’s body to reduce aerodynamic drag when moving — we noticed large amounts of heat coming from the car’s huge 21-inch rear wheels and brake discs, an indication it had been worked hard on previous rides.
Sitting in the rear seat, there was plenty of headroom and legroom for this 5 foot nine writer, with fit and finish appropriate to a premium luxury car."

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Mike Novak said...

I WAS AT THE EVENT (2 days worth) - everything described is accurate - with an MPG equivilant of 235mpg it is hard to imagine a more economical or eco friendly car - I, like many in attendance, am putting solar PV on my home to take care of the electricity production problem, I'll probably even provide power for my neighbors as well as my new car, maybe even for James. While thereI talked with many people from the head of the Tesla HR department to the northern CA sales manager, and many attendees just like me, doctors, lawyers, old, young - of the four thousand or so attendees, many were eco focused, many were pure car enthusiasts - but all agreed this is the future - it has to be, for our children's and grand children's sake and more importantly - their kids! And this was just a pre-launch!
Many would have us drill baby, drill - go back to third world country pollution standards and less collective bargaining, so the BIG corporations can go back to paying low wages, while polluting the environment - oh yea, and lining THEIR pockets with gold - the American dream as put out their by BIG corporate backed mass media advertising is is an illusion - mom, guns, oil and apple pie - personally, I want a better future for my kids and if nothing else, Tesla is a start - GO TESLA (and one more thing, Tesla builds almost ALL of their car parts onsite - truly American made - what a concept!!!)
I forgot to mention the price issue - based on the milage comparison -a production model Model S, after adjusting for the cost of gasoline VS electricity will end up about $35,000.00 -
And what about the concept of putting a few charging posts (about the size of parking meters) at places like Starbucks - the 440 power is already available at most commercial building complexes - Starbucks is already eco friendly - what an amazing partnership that could be - become proactive, spread the concept.