Monday, October 3, 2011

Parallels Desktop 7 review - Mac software - Macworld UK

Running Windows on your Mac is cool. Running Lion from within Lion is cooler
Karl Hodge

"If you need to run Windows and OS X on Apple hardware, Parallels has always been handy. With version 7, it’s almost essential. While Apple does provide users with Boot Camp, to dual boot Windows with OS X, Parallels virtualisation features are that little bit more impressive. Who could help but let out a little gasp as they look at Windows applications running live on OS X’s desktop in Parallel’s Coherence mode? The ability to drag and drop between Mac and Windows applications, running side by side, never gets old.

Enhanced Lion compatibility
This upgrade is a swift response to the release of Lion, that enhances compatibility with the latest version of OS X. It also takes advantage of several of the new operating system’s key features. For example, if we’re talking about OMG moments, you can now run Windows in Lion’s full-screen mode. Flipping between Windows and OS X is as easy as switching desktops; Windows applications appear in Mission Control and Launchpad, just like their OS X siblings. It’s not just the transition between applications that’s seamless. Your applications can also access files stored locally or on a virtual machine."

Parallels Desktop 7 review - Mac software - Macworld UK

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