Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Does America Really Need More College Grads?

Four Arguments Against Higher Education

Debunking Arguments for Higher Educations

Opposed to Higher Education

Opposed to Higher Education

Analyzing the Higher Education Income Gap

The Practicality of a College Degree

Success Without Higher Education

Arguments Against Higher Education

The Low Quality of Higher Education

The rapid growth of China, India, Brazil and other emerging powers has dramatically altered the complexion of the global economy in recent years. At the same time, rising deficits, high trade imbalances, a declining dollar, and a lingering economic downturn have placed America's position within the global economy in peril-and have policymakers deliberating over the keys to America's economic future.

One area often cited as critical to the nation's future economic strength is higher education, particularly that America must dramatically increase the number of college-educated citizens to remain a leading economic power.

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