Tuesday, August 25, 2009

District 9 Movie Review

Well what can I say everyone has been waxing on about how wonderful this District 9 movie is and so we went to see it. First let me say I am a hugh Science Fiction fan and my wife is not (but she enjoys an interesting movie). That being said we both HATED this movie!!!

• Aliens looked realistic
• Weapons looked realistic and interesting
• Spaceships looked realistic
• My wife liked the little alien bug :)
• Cat food & Nigerian gangsters were amusing

• Documentary story type filming, awful!
• Story line, we hated it!!! We kept waiting for the movie to get better and it never did.
• I kept wishing that someone would kill off the main character! Seriously I was that irritated every time he spoke.
• My wife thought the main character was like Mr. Bean and just could not take the whole movie seriously.
• If you like boring social commentary about South Africa in the from of Science Fiction and movies that end with a dull thud then you may like this movie.
Its been a long time since I have seen people getup and walk out of a movie but they did for this one and I wish we were one of them. What a total waste of money! So if you feel compelled to see this movie save your money and wait till it hits the dollar theater or rent it on redbox.

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