Friday, October 3, 2008

Accurate Economist Predicts Widespread Hunger & Cold Homes

By The Common Sense Investor
Almost every financial call Peter Schiff has made relating to the current US economic crisis has turned out to be right, and now he's predicting that things will get so bad that a large portion of the US population will not be able to heat their homes or buy the food they need. Make sure to click on the read more to see all of the videos.

Peter Schiff is the Permabear who appears on all the financial shows as a foil to all the optimistic pundits. He’s told his clients to short sub-prime mortgages when everyone was buying, he told people to get out of tech stocks in 1998 and 99. Every financial call Schiff has made has turned out to be right, and this time he’s saying the stock market is headed even lower, gold prices are headed up around $1,500 by the end of the year, and at the minimum, the dollar will lose another 40 to 50 percent of its value. Schiff thinks we’re headed for a period worse than the Depression.

Every time Peter Schiff appears on TV, other pundits always seem to get upset, and it invariably turns into a screaming match, but he’s always right. Time has always proven him correct, consistently on almost every call he’s made. Learn from it, realize it’s happening, and most of all, take his advice, buy gold and Euro stocks and foreign currency. His track record speaks for itself, it’s just Common Sense.


macgecko said...

After Bailout, AIG Execs Head to California Resort.
Less than a week after the federal government committed $85 billion to bail out AIG, executives of the giant AIG insurance company headed for a week-long retreat at a luxury resort and spa, the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, California, Congressional investigators revealed today.

Anonymous said...

'Your company is bankrupt, you keep $480m. Is that fair?' The grim-faced boss of the bankrupt bank Lehman Brothers was left squirming yesterday as a veteran Democrat roasted him over his multimillion-dollar pay.