Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Apple's software chief quits as iOS eats Lion

"Major Apple [AAPL] news this morning is the departure of Apple's OS X chief, Bertrand Serlet, who is leaving the company. His departure comes as Apple prepares to introduce Mac OS X Lion and as it continues to develop its giant US data center, also expected to unleash a new era of connected computing. Serlet's departure reflects a wider change at the company.
As senior vice president of Software Engineering, Serlet has led Apple's Software Engineering group for years, reporting directly to CEO, Steve Jobs. Serlet is a key player in the Apple ecosystem -- he came to the company with Jobs in 1997 and has been deeply involved in the development of Mac OS X. He even has a connection to the famed Xerox PARC, where he spent four years before joining Jobs' NeXT in 1989
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