Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stop Lying About the Autism-Vaccine ‘Link’

Further investigation into a 1998 study suggesting a link between childhood vaccines and autism, which was published in the medical journal Lancet and later retracted, revealed “an elaborate fraud” on the part of the lead author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and his colleagues. Click here for the full report.
When will the lies stop? Why not just say “we simply don’t know enough yet?”

The level of frustration I feel every time one of these autism stories comes out just can’t be described.

Now, to find out that Dr. Wakefield’s research was an “elaborate fraud,” with alleged financial motives, hurts me more than anything. In my opinion, scientific fraud is one of the most lethal crimes that any person can commit. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Doctors take an oath of “do no harm.” And for a doctor to knowingly publish fraudulent “data” to support bogus claims for personal and professional gain is disgusting. I feel angry, but more importantly I feel sad, not only for my Ryan, but for the millions children and their families that are still searching for answers.

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By Dr. Manny Alvarez

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