Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: ACN Mobile World Updated!

Recently new competitor of Skypeout hit the market ACN Mobile World allows customers to save up to 70% on their mobile phone bill. They simply pick their plan and download a Mobile Application to their compatible smartphone or make calls through the Call Back Service through a traditional mobile phone. 

• Apple iPhone users can download the ACN Mobile World Application directly from the iTunes store.
• The ACN Mobile World Application may use up to 3 Mb of data for a 5 minute call from a data plan.
• There is no contract required with ACN Mobile World.
• You will be charged according to the plan you choose and the destinations that you call. Charges may include a monthly charge for your plan and per-minute charges for your calls.
• Calls made using the Mobile Application consume approximately 3 Mb of data for a 5 minute call, and your mobile phone or Internet service provider may subject you to additional charges based on the Internet connection type that you are using and your data plan. Contact your mobile phone or Internet service provider for more information.

Is my smartphone supported? Backberry and Windows phone support is coming soon!

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