Thursday, February 5, 2009

Google Ocean will let users explore shipwrecks and reefs

Google users will soon be able to explore the oceans from the comfort of their living room, thanks to an upgrade to their popular Google Earth software.

The latest version of Google Earth lets people plunge beneath the sea, swim around underwater volcanoes, hover above shipwrecks and navigate mountains on the sea bed.

The Ocean in Google Earth software also includes video and photographs of thousands of marine species, and lets virtual divers follow whales and sharks tagged with satellite tracking devices.

The undersea 3D world was created with help from more than 25 leading marine scientists.

National Geographic Society oceanographer Dr Sylvia Earle said: 'I cannot imagine a more effective way to inspire awareness and caring for the blue heart of the planet.

'For the first time, everyone from curious kids to serious researchers can see the world, the whole world, with new eyes.

'In a stroke, Google Earth brings life and character to the blue part of the planet, and makes obvious the many ways land, water, atmosphere and living systems connect. '

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