Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Technology - The iPad Is Tops With Doctors - CNBC

"There are two things Dr. Larry Nathanson can’t work without when he's on duty in the emergency ward: his stethoscope and his iPad.

After nearly a year using the tablet, it has become an integral tool for treating patients.
“As I am walking from room to room, I know who I need to see next,” he explained, scrolling through the virtual emergency room patient board on the iPad.

“I definitely feel lost when I don’t have this on a shift," he said.
As the director of emergency medicine at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Nathanson was among the first doctors at the hospital to buy an iPad the day it launched. He paid for it himself, but it has more than paid off in the time he saves not having to chase down records.
“Patients often have a lot of questions, and I am able to answer them immediately with the latest data in real time," Nathanson said. “I can sit there at the beside and I can go over what’s going on.”
When it comes to treating surgical patients, being able to pull up diagrams and x-rays at their bedside has been a real game changer for B.I. Deaconess Dr. Henry Feldman.
“The number of times I've had patients say to me 'That's the first time I've understood my disease' — I mean, it happens all the time to me. To me, that’s validation as a doctor,” he said."

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How Two "Competing" Wireless Technologies Made The U.S. Mobile Market Less Competitive

THE APPLE INVESTOR: Trial Production Of The iPhone 5 Has Begun Projecting A Third Quarter Release

Apple's software chief quits as iOS eats Lion

"Major Apple [AAPL] news this morning is the departure of Apple's OS X chief, Bertrand Serlet, who is leaving the company. His departure comes as Apple prepares to introduce Mac OS X Lion and as it continues to develop its giant US data center, also expected to unleash a new era of connected computing. Serlet's departure reflects a wider change at the company.
As senior vice president of Software Engineering, Serlet has led Apple's Software Engineering group for years, reporting directly to CEO, Steve Jobs. Serlet is a key player in the Apple ecosystem -- he came to the company with Jobs in 1997 and has been deeply involved in the development of Mac OS X. He even has a connection to the famed Xerox PARC, where he spent four years before joining Jobs' NeXT in 1989
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Moving Story from Apple in Japan

Kevin Rose posted two emailed letters on his blog from a friend who works for Apple Computer in one of their stores in Tokyo. If you have a moment its worth your time to read about how Apple is showing real corporate responsibility in a time of crises.

"Wow, this email is from a friend of mine that works for Apple in Japan... makes me happy Apple went the extra mile here, check out his story"

Why I'm Close To Giving Up On Windows Phone 7, As A User And A Developer

Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 Extends Apple's Lead: Apple Will Dominate The Tablet Market For Years

Apple's iPad 2 isn't a massive advance over the first iPad, but with hardware, software, apps, distribution, and pricing combined, it is still by far the best tablet on the market.

Despite recent announcements from Google, Motorola, Samsung, HP, and RIM, we still expect Apple to dominate the tablet market for years.

While competition will intensify, the iPad will continue to be the best all-around product for consumers, and therefore Apple should maintain very high market share (settling to 50%-60%) for at least several years.

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