Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apple Said to Eye March 2 for iPad 2 Launch

Apple is expected to launch its new iPad on March 2, contrary to speculation of a delay of the latest version of the popular tablet computer.

One person familiar with the matter said recent speculation about a delay until June was "simply not true" as Apple is planning a launch in the same seasonal schedule as the first iPad, which went on sale in April 2010.

Apple will host an event on March 2, where the company is expected to take the wraps off the newest iPad model, an individual with knowledge of the situation said. Apple declined to comment.

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Website Leaks Photos of iPad 2’s Screen:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

See ACN on The Celebrity Apprentice - Your Invitation (Video)

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Cell-Phone Tower for Your Pocket

The signal your cell phone receives typically comes from a large microwave transceiver a few miles away. Now it can be supplied—over a short range, at least—by a device the size of a USB memory stick.

Two U.K. firms—PicoChip and Ubiquisys—have developed such pocket-sized, USB-powered devices, which connect to nearby cell phones using the same frequencies of a conventional tower. The gadgets use the Internet connection of a computer or other device to link back to the wider cell network and relay calls or data. PicoChip's is the size of a USB stick, while Ubiquisys' design is the size of a small cell phone

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Why We May Never See Native USB 3.0 for the Mac

"Apple's been a front runner of technology since the company's inception. From the desktop-computer mouse, to the initial adoption of USB as an input, Apple's been speedy about adopting technology before its prime. The Cupertino-based computer giant has also birthed some of its own proprietary technology like FireWire and the Mini Display Port, and while it's a pain for those of us that are cross platform, it does make it easy when it comes to purchasing peripherals. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to follow suit in its perceived reluctance to adopt USB 3.0, but it turns out that there's actually a pretty good reason for that and it might have something to do with a very speedy piece of next-generation technology.

There have been numerous road blocks keeping Apple Computers and USB 3.0 from synching in perfect harmony. Initially, it was a lack of drivers provided for Mac OS X by NEC, followed by the lack of support for the technology from Silicon Valley chip maker, Intel. Intel's reluctance to delve into the USB 3.0 sphere has nothing to do with leaving Apple out of the game, however. The company has been keeping its distance because of its own plans for a next-generation optical cable interface dubbed Light Peak."

Why We May Never See Native USB 3.0 for the Mac

CNBC's Fast Money: Apple Is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts - CNBC

"Analysts have had three weeks since Apple [AAPL 358.74 3.54 (+1%)] reported its best quarter ever to breakdown the results and the verdict is finally in: Apple should be the most valuable company on earth.

Since the Jan. 18 report where Apple said it sold a record 16 million iPhones last quarter and nearly doubled the sales of iPads, at least five firms have raised their 12-month forecast on the stock to an average price of $467, or a 32 percent increase from here. At that level, Apple’s market value would total $433.7 billion, flying past Exxon Mobil’s current market value of $423.2 billion.

After underestimating iPhone and iPad sales for the last year, analysts as a group have ratcheted their numbers up for Apple this year more than any other technology company, according to analysis by Bespoke Investment Group."

CNBC's Fast Money: Apple Is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts - CNBC

Monday, February 7, 2011

Microsoft PowerPoint - Fabulous free templates await: The PPT65 project is complete

Happy to announce that all 165 templates created by PowerPoint MVP Julie Terberg are now available as free downloads at You can use these templates as-is, or unlock your inner designer (reproduction steps appear in each template's Notes pane in PowerPoint). This is a sequel of sorts; we created PPT157 on the first set of Terberg's templates and, well, you don't mess with success.
Microsoft PowerPoint - Fabulous free templates await: The PPT65 project is complete

Thursday, February 3, 2011

HERE IT IS: The Video Where Google And Microsoft Execs Bash Each Other On Stage

Return of the Videophone (Part 973)

"WorldGate’s Ojo Vision digital videophone is an option worth considering for those who don’t want to sit in front of a computer or use a smartphone to make video calls.

Set up was snap-simple: It took less than five minutes from unboxing to dialing. You can use a number assigned to you by WorldGate or port your existing number to the phone.

You see video via the phone’s bright 7-inch LCD screen. In test phone calls, audio and video quality were very good"

Continue reading the story The New York Times story by RIK FAIRLIE

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Will Win the Android vs. iPhone Race? - eMarketer

"The iPhone may have captured the hearts and minds of many tech-savvy early smartphone adopters—not to mention marketers—with its sleek design, multitouch interface and available apps. But as Android has rolled out to more and more handsets, its popularity has surged and the loyalty of its users has increased to match that of iPhone owners. And in a few years the Android installed base will do the same."

Who Will Win the Android vs. iPhone Race? - eMarketer

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